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7 December 2023 18:30-20:00 CET

Online training 

We are happy to invite to participate in our upcoming online training with Mark Walsh, a renowned teacher and author in the field, will explain embodied intelligence, and equip you with pragmatic tools to immediately apply in your coaching practice.

This online session is suitable for coaches at all levels, from beginners looking to lay a strong foundation, to seasoned professionals aiming to deepen their embodiment coaching techniques. Regardless of your experience, Mark's insights will add a new dimension to your coaching with the body.

We will be guided in below areas of contents:  

  • What is embodiment (and what embodiment is not)
  • Knowledge of the eight aspects of embodied intelligence
  • Mistakes to avoid when working with the body
  • Centring and self regulation techniques (for clients and coaches)
  • Practical tools for stress management, creativity and leadership


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Speakers and Moderator

Mark Walsh

Mark Walsh is a prominent figure in the field of embodiment and coaching, renowned for his pioneering work. He is the author of "Working with the Body in Training and Coaching" and several other books. With a large following on his social media, YouTube channel and The Embodiment Podcast, Mark has shared his expertise with millions of learners. His international training experience includes having worked with over 5000 coaches in 40 countries, 20 years experience with blue-chip companies, leading half a million people at The Embodiment Conference, work in five wars zones (most recently Ukraine), and having keynoted various coaching conferences (eg. the UK ICF).

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Lars Lagerstedt

Lars is a PCC certified coach and is part of ICF Sweden's Continuing Education Group, which is the unit within ICF Sweden that organizes this type of activity. Lars has worked for many years with management teams, workplaces, business development, change management in large international as well as national organizations.

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Mona Wassermann

Mona Wassermann is a PCC certified coach and is part of ICF Sweden's Continuing Education Group, which is the unit within ICF Sweden that organises this type of activity. Mona works as a coach, leadership developer and trainer with extensive experience in business development for entrepreneurs.

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You will receive a link to the webinar (Zoom) in your confirmation mail. 

CCE Units

1.0 - Core Competence Units (CC)
0.5 - Resource Development Units (RD)

CCE units are for those who are ICF certified coaches and are used in connection with the renewal of your certification, every 3 years. The CCE points are sent to the email address you provide when you register and note that you need to participate throughout the training to receive the CCE points.

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